What to Know when You Call Us

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When a stressful situation arises and a loved one is being arrested, a lot can be going through your mind. It’s a situation that no one can prepare for unless they have dealt with it once before. When all you know is that your loved one is in jail, what do you do?

Before you call us, Bail Bonds in Sun Valley, there are a few things that you can get in order to help the process move smoothly. First, it is helpful to know the full, correct spelling of the name of your loved one in custody. When people are taken into custody they don’t get booked in jail with whatever their nickname is. They are booked with their full name. If you happen to have your loved one’s booking number, this will help the agent locate him in the jail system faster.

On top of knowing your loved one’s full name, it is also very useful to know where they were arrested or taken into custody. There are many county jails throughout the California, and here at Bail Bonds in Sun Valley, we serve all of them. It you don’t know the jail’s name that’s okay, as long as you know the county where they were arrested. This information makes the process of locating your loved one a lot smoother.

Knowing this information before you call us will help get your loved one out of jail faster. Even if you don’t have all of this information, our agents will be happy to help you. We will help you get your loved one out of jail quickly and easily.

If you need bail help, or have any questions regarding bail, just call 818-703-7120 or click Chat With Us now.