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Family Owned Bail Bonds

As a family owned and operated company, San Fernando Valley Bail Bond Store fully understands the value of family. Nothing makes us sadder than seeing loved ones torn over legal issues and jail. Nothing makes us happier than uniting these two parties once again.

24 Hour Bail Agents

The professionals at San Fernando Valley Bail Bond Store will do everything in our power to help make the entire bail experience as comfortable as possible. We have staff available to answer your questions and concerns and understand that bail bonding is not something that most people are familiar with.

Easy Payment Plan

We offer 0% Interest Payment Plans. Payments can be taken over the phone at no additional charge. We will provide you with the quickest response. Fast and confident response is what we are famous for. Let our bail bondsmen answer all your bail bond questions and put your mind at ease.

We Offer No Down Payment Bail Bonds for Low Income Family

At San Fernando Valley Bail Bond Store, you’ll never be surprised by hidden fees. Our bail bondsmen will always tell you exactly how much you’ll need to pay to bail your family member or friend out of jail. They’ll work with you to create a payment plan that you can actually afford. We accept a selection of payment methods, including all the major credit cards, to make paying for bail easier for you.

At San Fernando Valley Bail Bond Store, we are very proud of our longevity in the bail bonds business. We opened our door for business back in 1987 in San Fernando Valley, CA. Since then we have grown the business with bail bond agents in cities throughout California.

During our years in business, we’ve seen other bail bondsmen fall out of business due to legal problems. These actions make business difficult for the honest bail bonds agencies. With such news, people needing the assistance of a bail agent are wary of who they can trust.

Since 1987, San Fernando Valley Bail Bond Store has always been in good standing with California’s Department of Insurance. Honesty and integrity are important to us. You will be never be inflicted with a hidden fee or an increase in payments when you choose us as your bail bond agent.

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You can be confident that you will be treated fairly at San Fernando Valley Bail Bond Store. With bail agents available 24/7 and in cities across California, you can call us at any time at 818-703-7120

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How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost in California?

Are you looking to bail a friend or family member out of jail, but are worried about the cost? Do not panic, San Fernando Valley Bail Bond Store can help you out. We have been making bail bonds cheap and affordable for Californians for over 30 years.

In California, all bail bonds start out as 10% of the person’s bail. This means that if your loved one’s bail is set at $10,000, his or her bail bond will only cost $1,000. This is the standard price set by the state of California, however, some bail bond companies can offer you a discount. At San Fernando Valley Bail Bond Store, we are able to offer qualified clients a 20% discount on the price of the bail bond.