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Just because your loved one was arrested does not mean they have to miss out on the rest of summer. You can help bring them back home to enjoy quality time, to get back to work, to refocus, and to better prepare for their trial. They need your support right now, and we, Bail Bond Store in Balboa, will gladly provide additional support on top of yours as well.

We are a family founded, owned, and operated bail bond company in California that has had 30 years of success. The reason we are one of California’s best, most sought-after bail bond companies is because we offer the most flexible and custom payment plans for our clients, and our team is the most reliable, genuine, and concerned out there. Our customer service and care for each and every client is unmatched. We truly want to help anyone and everyone who needs someone bailed out of jail.

Convenience is important, which is why we accept all forms of payment: cash, credit, debit, and checks. We also have a secure online payment portal for card payments. We can often get approvals over the phone, but in case we need to have a face-to-face meeting, our team will go to the client. We are available and ready to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

In addition to bailing Californians out of jail, we can also do anonymous warrant searches. This means that if you suspect your loved one might be wanted by the police, you can actually approach the Bail Bond Store in Balboa team and ask us to check this out. As mentioned, the search is done anonymously. If it turns out that your loved one is wanted, we can explore bail options before they turn themselves in to the authorities.

If you ask other people for bail bond company recommendations, they will encourage you to reach out to us, Bail Bond Store in Balboa.

We promise to help anyone who needs us, anytime. We can be reached online or at 818-703-7120