Do Not Resist Arrest!

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Do Not Resist Arrest!

If you are ever arrested, you want to make sure you are cooperative with the police. At the same time, you want to make sure they are not overstepping their boundaries to step on your rights.

If you are arrested,
● Remain silent and calm
● Try and remember the officer’s badge number, name, and vehicle number
● If and when you are questioned, make sure your attorney is present
● Take photographs of any injuries you have, then get medical attention
● Get contact information and statements from any witnesses
● Request the presence of your lawyer for any lineups, testings, etc.
● Know the charges made against you
Do not resist arrest or attempt to escape
● Do not speak of the incident with anyone but your lawyer
● Do not let the police search your home without a warrant

You will be booked after you are arrested. After that, you will attend a bail hearing. If you are eligible for bail, you or someone on your behalf needs to contact San Bernardino Bail Bond Store at 866-736-6977 . A bail bond will get you out of jail faster because it is cheaper and easier to sort out than paying bail to the court directly.

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