Do You Know If You Have an Outstanding Warrant?

Balboa Bail Bond Store

It may come as a surprise to some people, but it is not uncommon for someone to not know that there is a warrant out for his or her arrest. After all, it is not like the police call a person up when they issue a warrant. Depending on the severity of the crime that the warrant was issued for, the police either begin searching for the person right away, or they wait for the person to come to them.

If you think that there is a warrant out for your arrest, you can contact the people here at Balboa Bail Bond Store. We provide free warrant checks for anyone who wants one. In most cases, all we need is the name of the person who may have a warrant, his or her birthday, and the county that the warrant would be out of.

If we are able to help in that county, we will. Unfortunately, not every county allows a third party to check and see if someone has an outstanding warrant. This means we are unable to check for warrants in those counties. To check for a warrant in these counties, the person will have to go into a local jail and see for themselves.

Unfortunately, some counties like Los Angeles County, have been known to arrest people on the spot when they check for outstanding warrants. So, if you need to check in LA County, be ready to spend a night in jail, and to call Balboa Bail Bond Store for a bail bond.

You can talk to an agent right away by calling 1-800-793-2445.