The Disappointing Reality of Shootings

The Disappointing Reality of Shootings2

The Disappointing Reality of Shootings

The Disappointing Reality of Shootings

There are several universal laws that everyone should know, and typically follow. The problem with universal codes is that we assume everyone will follow those codes as well. Unfortunately, bad people do bad things. People break universal laws all the time, which is why we have services to help prevent this. If a law is broken there are consequences for the person who broke it. This leaves the rest of us shocked, confused, saddened, and sometimes mad.

With advances in technology we hear and find out about these shootings faster. This is good, but also bad. With the ability to find out more information instantly, we also tend to get told the wrong information. Facts get twisted and false information quickly gets shared across the country.

It is terrifying that you have to be prepared for these kinds of situation. Schools are starting to practice active shooter drills. Unfortunately, school drills aren’t practiced nearly enough, or taken seriously. School shootings are a real threat, and, quite sadly, are becoming more common. Here are some recommend steps of action to take if you ever find yourself in a shooting:

  • Run away whenever possible
  • Know your escape routes if in a building
  • Think and react immediately
  • Don’t worry about your belongings
  • Grab a weapon if possible for self defense
  • Hide yourself if you can’t escape
  • Call 911, if possible
  • Barricade your hide out/lock any doors
  • Turn off your lights
  • Turn off anything that makes noise (cellphones, etc.)
  • Play dead

Engaging the shooter is not advised because you don’t know the motive, or reasoning they may or may not have. If you’re even in this kind of situation you’ll have to rely on your judgment and readiness. To help prevent a situation like this from occurring there are also several steps you can take:

  • Report suspicious activity
  • Beware of your surrounding
  • Know your location’s lockdown proceduresTake classes for self defense

An active shooter scenario is something no one wants to be a part of, but we all need to be prepared. The increase in shootings, and the massive number of causalities should encourage you to take steps to be prepared. The best thing you can do is educate yourself, and beware. Do your own research and learn how to be prepared.